Why did the chicken cross the road? …To get to QuackerJAX

At QuackerJAX you can find the **NPIP Certified Backyard Chicken, Duck, Rabbit, Goat or even the Pigeon you are looking for.  We have a number of rare and heritage breed chickens and ducks that you might not be able to find anywhere else.

Currently Available:

  1. Black East Indies Duck Eggs
  2. Black and Blue Sumatra Chicken Eggs
  3. White Leghorn Chicken Eggs
  4. Black Australorp Chicken Eggs
  5. Assorted Pure Breed Bantam Chickens
  6. Dark Cornish Chicken Eggs (Standard)
  7. Chicks Available In Season (Call for Info)
  8. Rabbits: Angora, Mini Lop, Lion Head, Dwarf, Mini Rex, English Lop

QuackerJAX is located in Jacksonville, Florida.  You can call Jack Boyd directly at 904-710-7645 or email JackBoyd2007 @ yahoo.com

Black East Indies Ducks

Black East Indies Duck Eggs Available Now

Chicks Available in Season (Call for Info)

Chicks Available in Season (Call for Info)


(**NPIP Certified: The National Poultry Improvement Plan, also known as the NPIP, is a national program that improves poultry and poultry products at the industry, state and federal levels. The NPIP establishes standards for evaluating poultry and hatchery products to ensure they are free of certain diseases, such as pullorum, avian flu, typhoid and salmonella, and safe for international and interstate shipment. Poultry producers and raisers that become NPIP certified are better able to participate in the sale and transport of eggs, chicks and adult birds. To become NPIP certified, a poultry farmer must follow several steps.)